A double winner... A double winner...
'A double winner...'
  • Congratulations to Keith Norris, the Historic Racing Championship Winner for 2022, sponsored by IC&A!
  • Very pleased to learn that Keith has won the Pre 1973 'Unlimited Engine Class' in UK historic racing series, with multiple race victories in his Formula 5000 McLaren.
  • The huge Chevrolet V8 powered racer sounds even better than it looks when out on the track!
  • Keith's impressive vehicle preparation also won him 'the McLaren Cup' in 2022: Very well done Keith'.
A double winner... A double winner...
Compensation for Property Interests
  • Recent successful completion of long running multiple claims for market value related payments from developers for retail and upper floor premises in old buildings, under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance CAP 545.
  • Very time consuming, but major uplift in sales terms finally agreed shows these to be very worthwhile exercises.