Client Base and Feedback

Client Base

IC&A have acted for a very wide variety of property owners and occupiers, plus full range of other professional advisors, notably from the legal and architectural fields. Even local offices of several major international real estate consultancy groups have instructed us to act as a lead consultant in major transactions, given our experience and track record. Our results have been our sole 'advertisement' for over 40 years.

Sample lists of our prestigious client base are shown on the link here. This covers groupings of: Legal Practices, Banks, Tenants, Property Owners and Developers.

Photo References

  • Left: Top calibre residence on The Peak valued at 5 dates for High Court Proceedings.
  • Right: Ruttonjee Centre in Duddell Street, Central. IC&A have processed its anchor leases over decades.

Court Judgments

We have not troubled many longstanding clients for feedback on our services; their repeated instructions over many years speak volumes.

We have however set out extracts from several High Court judgments in which measured and objective comment on Ian Cullen's reports and unbiased evidence were given:

HCA 1589/2003 :

'33.  … credibility of the factual witnesses is of relatively minor significance compared with reliability of the experts, especially as the factual background in this case is not in dispute.

34.  The Plaintiffs' expert witness was Mr. Ian Cullen. He had given expert evidence in the courts and his evidence had been accepted by the courts. He was well qualified to give expert evidence and understood that as an expert witness he owed primary duty to assist the Court rather than to advance his client's case. Mr. Lai suggests that Mr. Cullen is the typical English gentleman of Savile Row with cultured speech and refined attire but is unfamiliar with Hong Kong situation. Mr. Cullen has lived and worked in Hong Kong for almost the entirety of his professional life. He is thoroughly familiar with Hong Kong at least insofar as is required of his expertise as a surveyor. He gave evidence in a most professional, unbiased and forthwith manner. His evidence was very solid and capable of withstanding logical analysis. I accept his evidence.

Mr. Justice Anthony To in HCA 1589 of 2003'

HCA 1739/2010 :

'244. Generally, I am impressed by Mr Cullen as an expert. He was familiar with the substantial amount of details in this case, knowledgeable as a professional and was firm in his evidence.

Mr. Justice Anthony Chan, of the Court of First Instance, High Court in HCA 1739/2010'

Photo References

  • Left: Multi level banking premises processed at rent review.
  • Centre: Offices and podium level bank premises lease and regrants at Great Eagle Centre.
  • Right: Rent review processed for Wellcome Supermarket anchor superstore in Causeway Bay.

HCCL 66/1997

'8.  Differing valuation conclusions aside, there appeared to be two primary matters of disagreement between the respective experts. The first was the correct valuation approach, namely whether the 'comparative method' should be adopted, or alternatively whether the 'investment method' is the more appropriate. In this case Mr. Cullen preferred the former, whilst Mr. Lynch opted for the latter.

12.  … I prefer the Cullen approach, and thus the final valuation equation reflects this conclusion.

Mr. Justice William Stone in HCCL 66 of 1997'

Some key clients and legal professionals we have acted with for decades have kindly given feedback on our scope, and level, of services:

“Ever since I first engaged Ian professionally on a resumption compensation matter in 1983 with excellent result, he is the first estate surveyor I would turn to for assistance. He has handled to my complete satisfaction cases for my clients and my own companies as well, encompassing a wide range, such as valuations (including fish pond rental), land premium assessments and rents negotiations, providing expert report for litigation and estate agency services. He is thoroughly knowledgeable, insightful, meticulous and most reliable, sparing no midnight oil in meeting deadlines.”